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The Unseen Hand

Cutting-edge treatment plans and medical consultation for physicians and patients regarding documented cures and amazing remedies for certain chronic conditions.

The Unseen Hand

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    Section I- Hormone Insufficiency or Excess Mechanism

  • Chapter 1- Have you checked your Steroid Tone and Pressure Lately?
  • Chapter 2- The Most Common cause of Osteoporosis is a Secret

    Section II- Your Cells are Dying of Thirst Mechanism

  • Chapter 3- The Most Common cause of Joint Destruction is also a Secret
  • Chapter 4- Why is my Skin Wrinkling, Sagging, Blotching and Losing its Sheen?

    Section III- Nutritional Inadequacy Mechanism

  • Chapter 5- Bowel Disease
  • Chapter 6- Avoid Nutritional Inadequacy
  • Chapter 7- A Journey Down the Digestive Tube

    Section IV- Avoid Low Cell Voltage Mechanism

  • Chapter 8-Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia

    Section V- Inflammation Mechanism

  • Chapter 9- Autoimmune Disease
  • Chapter 10- Heart Disease
  • Chapter 11- Healing from Neurodegenerative Disease

    Section VI- Avoid Diminished Oxygen Mechanism

  • Chapter 12-Lung Diseases

    Section VII- Avoid Enduring Molecular Fuel Nozzle Deficits Mechanism

  • Chapter 13- Metabolic Syndrome
  • Chapter 14- Diabetes