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Healing treatment plans and pertinent advice for health care professionals and patients concerning critical cures and amazing treatments for certain medical illnesses.



Ashley a

THANKS FOR YOUR GREAT TREATMENT PLANS! I am already feeling better after following your treatment plan for my arthritis for just a month. My doctor is helping me too. He was blown away by all the great information you provided for him and is excited about helping some of his other arthritis patients with this new method.


Laura J. Garris

Wow! I really appreciate your treatment plans! I received mine very shortly after I ordered it and showed it to my doctor who was very impressed. My doctor was able to use it to help me recover from a bad autoimmune disease. I also referred two friends to your website and they got some treatment plans too for their conditions. These are an amazing help. Thanks again!


John Edwards

Dr. Ferril is top notch. He was kind, professional and very caring about my condition. I have followed his advice and feel 30 years younger!


Cooper Kendra

Thanks Dr Bill for all you have done for me over the years! And especially for my friends and relatives. I will be eternally greatful!


Coley Joselyn

Thanks Dr. Bill for saving my life on numerous occasions. I cannot thank you enough.


Lisa Fewer

I have been seeing Dr. Ferril for 10 years and he has truly made the biggest difference in my life, of anyone in my life. I was never holistic, but did not live a bad lifestyle. I was diagnosed w/ MS 4/07, was scared to death, and he walked me thru everything I needed to do to heal. Of my 6 lesions, 3 are completely gone, and the other 3 are smaller and less bright (recovery.) I am grateful to Dr. Ferril every day of my great life. You'd never know I had MS, unless I told you and I plan to live a full, healthy life. He just "Gets it." Allergies, body chemistry and how to heal w/o drugs. I refer so many to him, and they are just as happy, fortunate, healing. He is a Godsend to me!


Anastacia Bretthauer

Dr. Ferril is probably the best doctor in America. I am in the medical profession and have been working with dozens of very good doctors over the years. Doctor Ferril saved the life of my daughter who was misdiagnosed by some very fine physicians. When doctors get sick, they go see Dr. Ferril. He has more doctors as patients than anyone I know, and they travel from all over the US and other countries to see him. In my opinion he is the doctor of doctors.


Shannon Kahler

One of the best doctors out there. He changed my health and my life.


Angel Hohmeyer

Great doctor! He has helped me and many relatives over the years! I would never go see anyone else.