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As totally an informative resource, we are actually striving to aid individuals to collect some interesting information related to medical conditions to review with their medical practitioners.

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Newsletter: If you are interested in receiving an occasional newsletter, new treatment plan, or being notified of any conferences, please send an email to drferril.newsletter@gmail.com and put Newsletter in the subject line. In these conferences we will cover cures for many common diseases, food allergies, and interpretation of 24-hour urine metabolites.

Methuselah Group: If you are interested in being included in our list of doctors who utilize the treatment plans included on this website, please email a brief description of your experience in these areas, your address, and your phone number to: themethuselahgroup@gmail.com . This list of doctors will be made available to patients seeking medical care in their local areas. We are calling this list of doctors “The Methuselah Group”.

Laboratory Interpretations: If you are interested in obtaining interpretations of laboratory results provided by certain labs for food allergies or 24-hour urine metabolites, please purchase the laboratory interpretations below. Then email a copy of the results to us at deferril.lab@gmail.com along with the PayPal transaction ID. Please be sure to remove all “patient identifying information" from the results and apply your own unique “doctor identifying number” to the results that you can use to cross-reference your patient. Please allow 24-48 hours for us to email the interpretation to you. We will reference your “doctor identifying number.” We are able to do interpretations for only USBioTek and Rhein Labs.

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